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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


OOh...what have I done! Well this is my first post! I am sure I won't keep up with this. I always really liked the idea of keeping a diary but was never actually much good at it. I am not sure that my life will be of much interest to anyone but...you never know I guess.
Well this photo was taken on Sunday, because Ibrahims birthday was on Monday-a school day we decided to go down to my mums on Sunday. He had a lovely time. He got some lovely pressies..he especially loved his Narnia costume and sword and shield that he got from his grandma and grandpa! He also had a yummy yummy chocolate fudge Narnia birthday cake..which I baked (with the help of a Jane Asher cake mix pack..but shhhhhh don't tell anyone). I was planning to do one of those photo cakes, but Sainsburys wouldnt print the Narnia pic because of copyright...luckily someone on ebay would so I made my own cake and used the topper courtsey of ebay!..It was a great day and we had lots of fun! I can't believe my baby is six!!!!!! Where has the time gone!!


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