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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh Boy!!

Have I got me some catching up to do! What a few days it has been! Actually it has been absolutely lovely! On Thursday I went to Southampton to my folks! My sisters future in laws who had come from Iran we officially going to ask for her hand!! It was really an interesting experience! Sitting down officially and discussing things like the dowry (in a muslim mariage the Groom Must pay the girl a dowry no matter how small). Anyway it was actually quite stressful and made it all seem so serious and real! The next day we had the engagement! OOh it was sooooooo lovely my sis and her guy looked (mashallah) gorgeous!!! Actually I reckon we all did. It was just the family and it was beautiful....the engagment vows were read over the phone by a friend of the inlaws in a holy shrine in Iran it was perfect!
This is Tasniem before the ceremony! And waiting with her fiance for the vows to be read!

I love all our little customs and traditions. They exchanged rings, fed each other cake. They also signed the contract which states the dowry and wedding date etc. As me and Peggah didnt marry Iranians we didnt have these things....hmmmmmm

Here we are.....altogether me and OH and Ibrahim and my sis and her OH!!! I was official photographer and am soo pleased with the pics from my little camera!! This was after the vows..reflection from the mirror


At 8:57 pm, Blogger Tassy said...

You are right, they are very nice couple mashallah!!your sister looks like an angel sitting on the sofa!:)


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