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Sunday, October 08, 2006

I've been tagged...

..by Rhi

1. Do you have any middle names?
Well actually I have two, one I chose myself ....lonnnnnnnnng story and another one. Saffa the one I chose myself and ..wait for it...Punteha ....which is the name of an ancient Persian princess my mum chose...I really dislike it!!!!!!

2. What's under your bed right now?
Do I have to confess? Quite a lot..the campbed, some boxes of photos, soem jumpers erm probably a fair bit of dust, a glass, a bit of Ibrahims toy....need I go on?

3. Last time you laughed so much you cried?
Ohh its been I while I think since I laughed that much...I guess it was probably playing monopoly over the summer with the family and OH's cousin who was over from morocco! When you play long enough it just gets really silly...lol!!

4. What age were you when you first drank Alcohol?
Well, as a Muslim I have never drunk, however I do use Dr Bachs flower remedies which are preserved in brandy so does that count?

5. Porn Star Name (First pets name and your Motheres Maiden name)?
.....well I wouldn't have one..plus I can't rememebr he name of our first pet! ( I know I am a spoil sport)

6. Whats your desk top photo on the pc?
OOh its this piccy I took of my babe Ibrahim during the summer at the park ..Ohh what I would give to have a Canon EOS 400D and a couple of fab lenses, but will just have to make do with my good old point and shoot!

7. What did you have for breakfast?
Well at about 4.30 am I had a slice of date and walnut cake with custard...I bought the cake the other day from the super market as it looked yummy and I really fancied it...what a disappointment..too sweet and dry, so bought custard the next day to see if that helped...well guess what....it didnt!!!!!

8. Music or TV?
Hmm well we don't have a TV at home although we have a fair few DVDS mostly mine and Ibrahims, so I do like my films but in the long run I would say music!

9. Worst outfit you have ever worn?
Oh boy there have been many, when I was a girl I was nick named 'gol nar' which is the name of a persian kind of village girl in persian folk stories, it mean flowery....well I would wear about every colour there was...flowery trousers yellow t-shirt, hot pink coat and a sky blue head scarf...I have often asked my mum HOW SHE LET ME OUT LIKE THAT!!!!!!

10 .Where do you feel most at peace?
Hmm I love just sitting watching the sea, especially when it is rough and windy! Also in our prayer room at home which is so calming. And nothing beats being in my mums arms..I know how soppy is that, but hey I owe her everything !!

Now who am I going to tag.....
Carolyn, Rachel.


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