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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Too Long!!

Oh Boy its been ages since I posted! Well had quite a hectic summer, with both good and bad events going on!

So Ibrahim is back at school so big WOHOOOO now my holiday starts. So am hoping to really get my teeth in to my business and get started properly..well I can always live in hope! Also have to get my self in shape for Tasniems wedding which inshallah will be next summer! Hmm I went sight seeing with my husbands cousin to Harrods and saw the most gorgeous dresses..well hubby has told me that if I slim down he will get me one...I didn't tell him how much it costs..but I will be keeping him to his word I tell you that hehehehehehehe.

Summer seems to be on its way out which is a bit sad however I love autumn and don't mind winter either actually I quite like it, sitting inside all snuggled up while is it cold out!

Ok well I seem to have produced a load of old drivel but never mind.


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