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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

OK so I have more to share!!!! On Saturday we all went to Haleemas wedding! She is a very close friends of ours ...specially Tasniem! I made her engagement and wedding invitations. It was a lovley wedding and me, OH and Ibrahim went as the Moroccan contingency!..heheheheheh. Tasniem was Maid of honour and was dressed in a gorgeous sari and as usual looked stunning (mashallah). The wedding was help at the Watford Town hall and was really lovely the bride and grown looked stunning(mashallah)! I think it was a dream come true for Haleema!

This is the invitation I designed.....after 250 I was just a bit fed up of red and gold!!!!..heheheheh

Doesnt the bride and groom look radiant (mashallah)

And to finish off the busy few days on Sunday night we had a ladies only party for my sister! WOW it was a great knees up! We all boogied down foe ages...must have burnt a fair few calories! Im afraid no pics...ladies only...but It was great, great company, great food, great music, great night!!!!!!Lots of peoples places were really missing...specialy My aunties and my cousin! We really felt their pressence was missing! Also Haleema was missing but you couldnt really expect her to come the day after her wedding!!! So now Im back home and have nothing of interest to report!!


At 11:43 am, Blogger Kathy said...


I do love reading your blog, you give such a wonderful insight into your life, culture and customs which are so different from mine. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos, the pride you have in your family and the love you have for them shines through.

At 1:53 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

Hi Saffa

firstly lovely to see you online hun - Ive missed you!

secondly congrats to your sister on her engagement, and wow what a beautiful family you have - your all stunning!. I too love to learn of your culture and traditions. Keep bloggin I love it! x

At 12:14 am, Blogger maggie said...

Saffa thankyou for sharing with us the photo's are beautiful i loved reading all about the traditions.Pass on my congratulations to the happy couple.


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