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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

So, what can I say!!

It has been three years+ since my last post!! So I'm guessing that this blog has gathered some dust! I thought it was time to come out of blogging retirement. Unfortunately, crafty endeavours are still limited as my lovely stash is stashed away since the birth of my twins back in January 2008.

The little rascals have just turned three and really acting the part!!! So I am now living in Morocco!! I'm teaching English at the very pretty Al Akhawayn University!! I hope to start crafting at some point soon when I can get my hands on some crafty bits and pieces!

Or maybe its time to go back to basics before the advent of Craft Robos, or Die Cutting or stamps or brads ...back to glue and scissors and that kind of thing!

Well watch this space as I hope to maintain thisblog a bit better!



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