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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Ok well I am supposed to take Ibrahim to Acton for his Taekwondo....but I really can't be at all bothered!! I am really tempted to just stay at home. Its a 40 min drive, 2hr wait for him to finish and a 40 min drive home. And with the fasting I really am no in the mod for driving to and fro! Hmm ok thats it I have decided I am staying in.

..Didnt take much time to convince myself, but I will make sure he goes to his weekend class instead to make up for it. Besides I have some crafting I want to do.

The fasting is going well, its just the waking up for breakkie at 4am!!! Thats what is really knocking me out.

Oh ok seing as I am not going anywhere I will post some piccies of my Craft Room! Just so you have something to look at!


At 11:35 pm, Blogger maggie said...

Craft room looks great Saffa i wish i could have one.Maybe when my 2 move out although they have no intention of doing so for the near future after all they are ONLY 27 & 25 years old far to YOUNG to leave home.Oh well i can wish & dream i suppose.

At 5:10 pm, Blogger Kathy said...

After seeing your pics, I'm not showing you what my desk looks like at the moment, that's for sure!!

At 9:21 am, Blogger Lythan said...

Oh with this craft room you are spoiling us! I mght even get up at 4 am just to use it!
Hope Ramadan goes ok - I don't really know what the right Ramadan greeting is!


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