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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Well is seems that the Holy month of Ramadhan is upon us muslims again! As usual half the world will start one day (24th) and half the day after. I wish that we could all agree on moon sightings but never mind!

So Inshallah we will start on Sunday. I am really looking forward to Ramadhan this year I feel it I really need it!

Also we really want to get Ibrahim involved with it this year now that he can really understand so much more. He wants to fast some half days this year which will be lovely and such an acheivement!

I don't know if my blog actually gets read, but for those of you who don;t know here is a breif introduction to Ramadhan.

Ramadhan is one of the months in the Islamic calendar which is based ono the moon not the sun so it is about 11 days shorter than our gregorian calendar. Muslims have been commanded by God in the Qu'ran to fast between sunrise and sunset for the entire month. This means no food or drink between those hours. (I should mention that sick and elderly as well as travelers etc are not expected to fast as you are not allowed to do anything that harms your body) For muslims Ramadhan is a very Holy month we try to really be at our very best, it is a time of reflection and spiritual cleansing and of trying to draw closer to God. It is a time for us to stop thinking abou our material needs and to think of others who are less fortunate. We try to complete the Quran during Ramadhan. It really is a month of blessings a time for family. Most cultures have there own traditions as far as the meal at sunset is concerned. Seeing as I have a Moroccan husband we will be having Harira a rich moroccan soup...EVERY DAY...I know I know I get sick of it but it is a Moroccan tradtion!

After the month is up we have our celebration or Eid!

Well R.E. lesson over! Just thought I would fill you guys in!



At 12:06 am, Blogger Jo said...

your blog does get read! *waves* the insight into Ramadhan was super informative- thank you for sharing!


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