A scrappy life!

Friday, January 19, 2007


What Can I say? Oh well just sorry everyone for not being a good blogger. Well quick update and will try and get some piccies up. Am still feeling yuck with a cold or flu or whatever it is that has lasted almost two months!

Have been wedding dress shopping with my kid sister and WOW the dress she has chosen is stunning. Unfortunately she doesnt wan anyone we know to see the dress before hand so I cant even post a link! Needless to say that mashallah she looked like an angel!

I have been a very bad crafter of late and have been very un-crafty! But I am feeling he mojo come back so hopefully will get some stuff done and up on the blog.

Im really excited, in Feb I will be starting a TESOL course. It is a teacher training course for teaching english as a foreign language, whats more is that as it is a very intensive one month course we have decided to get an au-pair as it is cheaper than the childminder. It does mean that I have to give up my craft room which I will be moving in to my bedroom, but at least I will be getting some help wit the dreaded housework!

So hopefully by March I will be able to teach english whopee!

Anyway I just wanted to get something down and will hopefully be more regular with my posts.

Thanks ladies for visiting my blog and leaving comments for me!