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Friday, June 30, 2006

Amusing blog!...just don't take it personally! His list of 100 things is quite an eye opener!!


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

OK so I have more to share!!!! On Saturday we all went to Haleemas wedding! She is a very close friends of ours ...specially Tasniem! I made her engagement and wedding invitations. It was a lovley wedding and me, OH and Ibrahim went as the Moroccan contingency!..heheheheheh. Tasniem was Maid of honour and was dressed in a gorgeous sari and as usual looked stunning (mashallah). The wedding was help at the Watford Town hall and was really lovely the bride and grown looked stunning(mashallah)! I think it was a dream come true for Haleema!

This is the invitation I designed.....after 250 I was just a bit fed up of red and gold!!!!..heheheheh

Doesnt the bride and groom look radiant (mashallah)

And to finish off the busy few days on Sunday night we had a ladies only party for my sister! WOW it was a great knees up! We all boogied down foe ages...must have burnt a fair few calories! Im afraid no pics...ladies only...but It was great, great company, great food, great music, great night!!!!!!Lots of peoples places were really missing...specialy My aunties and my cousin! We really felt their pressence was missing! Also Haleema was missing but you couldnt really expect her to come the day after her wedding!!! So now Im back home and have nothing of interest to report!!

Here are some more photos of my lovely sister! Her and her OH!

The group picture is as follows from top left to right:Grooms sister in law, his sister, his brother, me,my OH, my older sis and her OH, our close friend (practically brother)and his wife.
Next row, grooms dad and mum, Tasniem her OH Mehdi, my mum and dad, then my son and my nephew! Phew.

What a day after the engagement we went to the mosque where the ehgagment was announced, we shared some persian cakes and prayed for the happiness of the couple! It was all very emotional! And I can't beleive that my baby sis is all grown up, in love and getting married! May they be blessed with hapiness and love always!! Ameeeen!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh Boy!!

Have I got me some catching up to do! What a few days it has been! Actually it has been absolutely lovely! On Thursday I went to Southampton to my folks! My sisters future in laws who had come from Iran we officially going to ask for her hand!! It was really an interesting experience! Sitting down officially and discussing things like the dowry (in a muslim mariage the Groom Must pay the girl a dowry no matter how small). Anyway it was actually quite stressful and made it all seem so serious and real! The next day we had the engagement! OOh it was sooooooo lovely my sis and her guy looked (mashallah) gorgeous!!! Actually I reckon we all did. It was just the family and it was beautiful....the engagment vows were read over the phone by a friend of the inlaws in a holy shrine in Iran it was perfect!
This is Tasniem before the ceremony! And waiting with her fiance for the vows to be read!

I love all our little customs and traditions. They exchanged rings, fed each other cake. They also signed the contract which states the dowry and wedding date etc. As me and Peggah didnt marry Iranians we didnt have these things....hmmmmmm

Here we are.....altogether me and OH and Ibrahim and my sis and her OH!!! I was official photographer and am soo pleased with the pics from my little camera!! This was after the vows..reflection from the mirror

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

For Valerie!

Here are some pictures from the downstairs of our home! Specially for Valerie!
The front room..

The study..or more lilke library!

The Kitchen

The back garden!!

Ok so I am on a roll at the moment!

I have been having a mosey through some of the blogs of you CBC girlies (for non crafters that is the little spot of internet paradise that is www.craftsbycarolyns). So following Kathy's blog here are twenty facts about me in no particular order....

  1. I am half Iranian and half English
  2. I suffer from Obssesive Compulsive Disorder (wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy)
  3. I am totaly useless at money matters
  4. I am inconsistent
  5. I love crafting..scrapbooking now and card making
  6. I love happy ending chick flick type movies
  7. I am a loyal friend
  8. I am PETRIFIED of flying
  9. I have lived in Egypt.....SO COOL!!!
  10. I love to dance
  11. I have the greatest in-laws a girl could wish for (mashallah)
  12. I am a muslim
  13. My husband is moroccan
  14. I wish I was half the size i am now!
  15. I am a terrible procrastinator!
  16. I am bubbly and appear very confident...but I really am not at all
  17. I hate confrontation
  18. I wish I was organised
  19. I find life an uphill struggle most of the time
  20. I am very emotional


OOh...what have I done! Well this is my first post! I am sure I won't keep up with this. I always really liked the idea of keeping a diary but was never actually much good at it. I am not sure that my life will be of much interest to anyone but...you never know I guess.
Well this photo was taken on Sunday, because Ibrahims birthday was on Monday-a school day we decided to go down to my mums on Sunday. He had a lovely time. He got some lovely pressies..he especially loved his Narnia costume and sword and shield that he got from his grandma and grandpa! He also had a yummy yummy chocolate fudge Narnia birthday cake..which I baked (with the help of a Jane Asher cake mix pack..but shhhhhh don't tell anyone). I was planning to do one of those photo cakes, but Sainsburys wouldnt print the Narnia pic because of copyright...luckily someone on ebay would so I made my own cake and used the topper courtsey of ebay!..It was a great day and we had lots of fun! I can't believe my baby is six!!!!!! Where has the time gone!!