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Friday, March 30, 2007

Quick Giveaway!

I have a free new and unopened copy of this months Crafts Beautiful. So whoever is the first to leave a comment (sorry only uk for postage) I will send it to you!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

About a boy...

Well today's post is about developments in Ibrahim's little life. He has been a busy chap! Ibrahim is due to move to the Juniors in September but we just didn't feel that it was good enough and he wasn't being challenged. For example we like to do a bit of extra work with him but it is proving so hard its like going against the grain as at school there is not much effort!

After much deliberation we approached a great private school. He sat the entrance exam and got through. I was so proud of him. I'm sure lots of people don't agree with private schools but seeing as he isn't getting the education we want this is what we have opted for. The big downside is of course the back breaking fees! I almost keeled over at the price of the uniform which is nothing special! However he has made me proud and I'm so pleased that he will be going to a good school. It will mean another upheaval for the poor love seeing as he only changed schools a year ago however I hope it will be for the best and he already knows one of the boys in his new school!

Also....Ibrahim did the Taekwondo exam two weeks ago to move from a high white belt to a yellow and he passed...I was almost in tears I was so pleased, he was also made a member of the the tiger team -this is a group of kids who have tiger badges and are awarded these for discipline, behavior, dedication etc etc. I was so happy that he passed he grading, then he got his tiger badge andI was just a gushing high pitched squealing mad woman hehe. He is a very active and sometimes exhausting young man but the joy that he gives me is immeasurable, just the hugs I get as I come in the door..awwwww...bless hehehe. Here are a couple of pics of my love!

On the right is Ibrahim with Grand Master Yusuf Dildar and on the left is Ibrahim with Master Yusufs brother Master Usman Dildar. They are fantastic instructors and have such a great way with the kids. The kids.

Can you spot Ibrahim's tiger badge in his left hand! ..We even laminated his certificates..hehe..and of course he took everything in for show and tell.!!!! And bellow he demonstrates for us his fighting stance!

And if you are still with me thanks for putting up with a gushing mum!


Friday, March 02, 2007

Out of the comfort zone!

This week's Daring Cardmakers dare was set by Tracie..one of our brides to be!! She wanted us to step out of our comfort zones, to through away those security blankets, to try something different!

Well here are my interpretations. I'm quite happy with this first card! I never use 'shapes' so I decided to make a round card for my gran who has just come home from hospital after about 6 months! I also used a die that I bought and was well really unsure about ever using! I used a plate to draw around fr the card, the brown paper is BG Lillykate and the pink is Making Memories paper as are the flowers. The blue bloom is Junkitz and the buttons are Papermania. I think the ribbons are from Self-Addressed but I can't be sure! I used a wizard die for the little frame which I really love, I spritzed the card with some embossing solution t help make bring out the embossing then I rubbed in a bit of black ink and some bronze perfect pearls and I think the effect isn't half bad!

Ukh not to keen on this card....I bought a lot of sequins and really find it impossible to use any and have gazillions of the things lying about! SO here is an attempt to use them..which kind of proves that they should stay in the box. I am by the way now safely back in my comfort zone and don't plan on coming out in a hurry!!Make sure you check out the DCM blog and have a look at the gorgeous creations the ladies have come up with!

On another note I am God willing starting my course......next Saturday! Yay..still working on getting a refund on the course from hell via the card company so fingers crossed!