A scrappy life!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Something I made a while back!

Here is a canvas I did a while back! I have no new pics at the mo so I am digging up old ones! I had a blast making this although I had a bit of a wobbly when I started Modpoging everything and the inked edges went green!!!!!!!

Paper is Basic Grey of course!!!!!

Letters are handcut..I am soooo getting myself a Robo soon maybe I will do that when I claim my tax back!!

The picture is of me and my two sisters on my baby sisters engagement- you have seen it before so sorry but I reckon it is the nicest pic of the three of us...plus we dont actually have that many of the three of us!

Thanks for everyones sweet and supportive comments! I am hoping to get on with a new course...start again and hopefully God willing this times things will go according to plan, but Im not starting until March so I shall try to cram in some crafting!


Friday, February 23, 2007

What a week!

To start off....here is my card for this weeks dare. I have not taken part due to my course but I will get to that in a moment!

Kathy set this fab fab dare for the Daring Card Makers blog 20:20 vision. You must make a card on any theme but it must use 20 of something!

So this is what I came up with:

I used brown card-stock and cut out twenty flowers using a think cuts die. The rub on words are SI. The colours are a bit off I'm afraid!

That is the first bit of crafting I have done in ages and ages. The reason was me starting an intensive teacher training course so I could teach English to beginners! Well there have been some rather sickening developments on that front.

The four week course is accredited by an examination board called Trinity. There are two accreditation boards which are recognised worldwide for this TEFL qualification the other is Cambridge. You can get unacreddited courses however they are not well recognised and the basically to get a good job here or abroad it should be accredited.

So I signed up for my Trinity Tefl in January and have been sooo excited! The first week was well not great as the teacher who was new himself to this centre left after 3 days! He told us the reasons would become apparent and boy have they! So after a mish mash of a first week we really got stuck in and it was really hard work, alot of blood, sweat and tears. So we began week three and on Tuesday discovered to our horror that in fact the course was not accredited even though it was and still is advertised as such. WOW we were dumbstruck. The examination board were adamant that the accreditation had be withdrawn as of 31 December 2006!!!!!!!!

So there we 13 are in total shock. Basically all the effort we have out in is worthless as we have to start all over again and the work will not be retrospectively accredited! Plus it looks like we may never get a refund as the whole school appears to be a sham! the guys has people wanting money left right and centre.

We have tried speaking to him and he can talk for England but say nothing of significance. Basically he is a con man, and has our money, won't return it..oh I could go on and on and on but we feel like we have had the wind knocked out of us! We now have to find the money and time to do it all over again!

So we are looking to see if we can get a reputable establishment to accommodate those of us who still want to continue. It is terrible there are those who have come from abroad, and those of us who have stopped work and hoped to be working my March!!!!!

Well that's that...I will keep you informed as it is quite a saga and we will be seeking legal redress!!

So that's me..on a plus side there are some projects I would like to get done so hopefully more crafting time.


Thursday, February 01, 2007


Well I am beginning to feel better in myself physically! Went to the doc and was given antibiotics for a sinus and chest infection. I have not had antibiotics for at least 3 or 4 years and they did not agree with me at all giving me a dodgy tum for a week. I have been getting sick of being sick though! Only thing is that two months of being poorly and feeling rather crook, plus the antibiotics seems to have made my OCD and anxiety levels rise quite substantially! I guess its just taken its toll on me. That is not good, one of things I fear most is another severe OCD relapse and the black hole that it brings! Thank God it seems to be just simmering and hopefully the rescue remedy with help until it subsides. Ok enough of me wallowing in self pity! Wow I do sound like a really moaning Myrtle!

Well today was my last day working at Waterstones book shop. I have worked there since October and have finished as my course starts next Monday so YAY YAY YAY...I am glad to get back to studying...plus it will get me busy which will help keep anxiety and OCD at bay me hopes!

Unfortunately crafting has been severely neglected. My craft room is now in my bedroom which actually isn't bad- and I will get a piccy once it is organised. There are a few 'projects' I want to do and I have had a piccy on my desk for over a week but the layout just isn't coming together!

And my lovely mum is back in Iran until the summer-boo hooo. My poor dad will be feeling rather lonely!

Well I thought I would post a random photo of my men, it was taken at Kew gardens before Christmas. I really really want a new camera, the new Canon eos 400 would make my day, so I better start saving as it isn't cheap!

Well I think thats enough waffle from me for today! Hope you are all well!