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Monday, July 17, 2006

Forgot to add....

What is with the world! And what is it with foriegn policy in the US and UK!!!!!!!

I am about to tread on some toes...but here it goes......how come 'Isreal' gets to defend itself, but the Palestinians are not goven that right!! And what is all this rubish about UN resolutions....so now Isreal wants UN resolutions against Iran and Hezbollah etc....when they completely ignore UN resolutions about the state of things in Palestine/Isreal!!!!

>>OHH and why oh why on the news...when Lebanese are killed they are simply calles 50 victims..where as the news goes out of its way to state that a woman and child were killed in Isreal....dont the lebanese qualify as women and children too!!! Makes me soo mad I could spit..any death is a tragedy and they should be treated equally as tragic!!!

Ok rant over..I can go back to being nice little crafter

Im still here!

Oh boy what a couple of weeks it has been!!! It seems to all be happening at once! Within about 24 hours of each other we found out that both my grans have most probably got cancer! And that my mums mum who is in America staying mwith my aunty is in intensive care. Well since then we have been through it just a bit! My mum treid to get an emergancy visa ten days ago to go to the States as my gran was having critical surgery...of course they wouldnt give it to her the same day that would be just too easy! As a persian passport holder she is subject to a whole load of extra red tape! Still in the American style they were very polite and she has been told sionce then that she will get a visa...we are just waiting now to receive it! The surgery has already been done however without my mum being there. Thank God it went well, we are not out fo the woods yet but we are praying that it will all work out. We still have my other gran to sort. Also my kid sis was told she has IBS today...I mean it doesnt rain but it poors!

I havent been feeling all that together, OCD has been running rampant through my mind and tears seem to be just behind my eyes all the time. Such is life though and I have a lot to be grateful for.

One bit of good news is that I managed to get through Psychometric testing for a clerical job at the Foreign Office....it aint much considering the 7 years it took to get my degree but its a start...I have the interview in August so fingers crossed.

I would request prayers from any pray-ers that read this for my Grans health!