A scrappy life!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Sorry for being a bad blogger. Here is my late card for this weeks dare. We had to use something from the office. I used staples, dymo tape, a paper clip a post it note and a raffle ticket..if that counts hehe.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lemons anyone?

There is the saying 'when life throws you lemons make lemonade'. Well all I can say is that life seems to be throwing us a veritable bowl of fruit these days so I guess we have just got to try and make some kind of a fruit salad. Lets just say the next few months are going to be well 'interesting' to say the least!!


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Time Management?

Nope I am useless at managing my time and I am the queen of procrastination.....evrytime I tell myself not again! Oh well. Anyways instead of doing a massive assignment I need to have done by Thursday I have done spot of crafting. I was inspired by Bex new forum which launched yesterday, so go check it out! It looks like a lot of fun and some crafting will be had!

Anyway, I was going to bed but decided to make something instead. This is what I came up with: This an old photo of me and Abdellatif from 1999!!!!!! I heard the quote from the movies 'The Wedding Planner' the guys says 'love can't always be perfect, love is just love'. I heard it and thought wow thats us.

So this is the layout I made. I bought a BG card making kit and used it for scrapbooking instead! I haven't scrapped in eons and it was soooooo much fun. The paper is BG blitzen and blush. I sooooo need a good crafty spend and want to get some of the new BG papers. I feel that something is missing, should I plonk something in the bottom left corner, or some doodling..hmm I'll have a think! I have to say you got to love the Dymo machine, its just fab, I used some BG coloured paper and just put it through the Dymo thingy then sanded it with my trusty nail file! I love the effect!

I did these layouts a little while back, but thought I'd post them. The first is of me and my sisters..I have used this picture about a million times so sorry for those of you that have seen it. Its at my little sister's engagment. And lastly this is a page about my first trip to Morocco to visit Abdellatif's family. I didn' have Moroccan wedding (very very very stupid of me they are sooooo much fun). So on Eid MIL got a lady round to do henna and we had the tradition of feeding each other dates and honey! It was lovely. I really really really need..yes NEED a robo, hand cutting the letters takes flipping ages,as usual BG papers, Urban Couture I think.
Thanks for looking...

Lets hope the crafting continues. Thanks for all the prayers for my FIL. He is stable but there is no change. We just have to be very patient.

God Bless